Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Food Brand Cat Food Makaha Luau is sliced Mackerel and Sardine with Calamari prepared in Calamari consommé for a grain free, gravy free, zero carb meal. Feed 2% of body weight per day to maintain weight. Typically feedings include one 2.8z can in the morning and evening per day or a 6.0z can split between 2-3 cats per day in the morning and evening. Great to feed solely or to supplement a dry food diet by adding the missing moisture and boosting the necessary protein and fat levels missing from kibble.

Ingredients: Mackerel, Sardine, Calamari Broth, Calamari, Vegetable Gums, Sunflower Seed Oil. Show Vitamins & Minerals

Calorie Content:
Calories: kcal/100g
Calories from fat: kcal/100g
Calories per 2.8 ounce can: g/can
Calories per 6 ounce can: g/can

Grain & Gravy Free
Omega Rich
Allergen Free
Guaranteed Analysis:

Product Features:

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Our Cat Food Can Provide Balance Nutrition

Amazon Reviews Showing Cat Food Can Make A Difference

Tiki Cat - September 12, 2010
This review is from: Tiki Cat Makaha Luau - Mackerel and Sardine in Calamari Consomme

Tiki Cat is by far my cats' favorite food - they absolutely love it! They especially love the salmon and tuna flavors. It is expensive compared to other brands, so I buy it by the case to get the volume discount.
- Denise

Wonderful - April 16, 2010
This review is from: Tiki Cat Makaha Luau - Mackerel and Sardine in Calamari Consomme

I'm really particular about what I feed my cats. I was happy to see this is from the South Pacific, where there's lower amounts of mercury in the fish. It's a great product and my cats loved this. This flavor in particular has BIG chunks of fish.
- priusapril

Excellent cat food - January 22, 2011
This review is from: Tiki Cat Makaha Luau - Mackerel and Sardine in Calamari Consomme

I first got this cat food because my cat has a skin allergy and the vet told me not to feed him any poultry or meat. This food is great because it has only seafood for the protein source and no meat byproducts. As an added bonus, my cats absolutely love this food! I bought a couple other kinds of TikiCat food and they love those too :)
- M. St Peter (East Haven, CT)

Customer Reviews Showing Tiki Cat Food Can Delight Your Cat

My cat loves these topical mixes. Tiki is a fairly new company, or at least it is new to my area. It has great food that looks like a high quality cioppino or bouillabaise for people. My cat loves chunky food and the big chunks of various types of fish are great for her. It's cute and also nutritious. They seem to have an entirely wholesome ingredient list. So if you feel like sending your cat to a Hawaain Luau or to to Polynesian feast, you can now do it right in your own kitchen. I recommend this for fish-loving cats. There are quite a few flavor combinations produced by Tiki.

I just wanted to thank you for your WONDERFUL Tiki Cat food line! My mother and I each have very special cats, and we were horrified at the pet food recall. I did a little online research, and was even more horrified to find what is REALLY in some of these pet "foods!" More research, and then my buying of all-natural canned cat food began.

I ordered from the "At Your Door Pet Store" in Parker, CO (just a little south of us). They were very helpful in recommending a few varieties of brands I asked them about that had lots of "sauce/gravy" (which both of our cats adore), and they also highly recommended Tiki Cat canned food - noting they sell more of that than any other brand! That was enough for me - I ordered a sampling of Tiki Cat, as well.

The Tiki Cat was the first can out of the box, and I was worried that our cats would turn their noses up at anything so "premium." I was SO glad to be SO wrong! Even my prissy little female cat made very un-female-like noises as she was scarfing down the Tiki Cat! To say they love it would be an understatement. We just placed another order, in fact, and the "old" canned food will now be donated to a local shelter.

I've been reading your informative Web site, as well as reading glowing reviews and stories about your company on message boards and such, and I just want to thank you for not only taking the best interest of our precious feline companions to heart, but also for being a caring company with a personal touch. You'll certainly be getting our business for years to come.

Thank you again - and Belle and Smokey also give you two paws up!
- Lisa Berg

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