Tiki Dog Gourmet Whole Food Brand Dog Food Kauai Luau is shredded chicken breast on brown rice topped with sweet potato, prawns, egg, garlic and kale prepared in lobster consommé for a low grain, gravy free, one percent carb meal. Complete and balanced diet for all life stages, feeding 2% of body weight per day to maintain weight. Great to feed solely or to supplement a dry food diet by adding the missing moisture and boosting the necessary protein and fat levels missing from kibble.

Ingredients: Chicken, Prawn, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Egg, Lobster Broth, Garlic, Kale, Sunflower seed oil, Fish oil. Show Vitamins & Minerals

Calorie Content:
Calories: kcal/100g
Calories from fat: kcal/100g
Calories per 2.8 ounce can: g/can
Calories per 14.1 ounce can: g/can

Gravy Free
Low Grain
Omega Rich
Guaranteed Analysis:

Product Features:

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Amazon Reviews

Looks Like Food Network dish! - April 27, 2011
TIKI Dog Canned Food for Dogs, Kauai Chicken and Prawn Recipe

I was so surprised when I opened the can to see real shrimp prawns like the ones served in shrimp cocktail! The chicken looks like the canned white meat chicken that my husband and I purchase from Costco to make our homemade sandwiches with. This is not your usual ground mystery meat that one usually thinks of when talking about wet dog food. This is whole food in a can that looks fit for a human. In fact, I called my husband after I opened the can to tell him that our new puppy was eating shrimp prawns and shredded chicken breast with kale and sweet potatoes and beans. Hubby wanted to know why the dog was eating better than he does. My 3 month old puppy wasn't eating that well and not gaining weight. I will continue to mix this with her dry food because she devoured it and was wagging her tail like crazy during the meal. I will have to see if she gains weight with this.
- Buttercup NYY "Buttercup" (Hewitt, NJ)

Natural Dog Food

Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol. 19, No. 1, 61-67(2000):
"Whole foods are those that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible before being consumed. They typically do not contain added ingredients, such as sugar, salt, or fat.

Objective: Diets rich in whole and unrefined foods, like whole grains, dark green and yellow/orange-fleshed vegetables and fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, contain high concentrations of antioxidant phenolics, fibers and numerous other photochemicals protect against chronic diseases."

Natural Prey Nutrient Profile & Tiki Dog Food

Natural prey in the wild consists of an average 55% dry measure protein, 35% dry measure fat, and 2% carbohydrates.

Dogs are omnivores with a shorter digestive tract than humans, yet still able to benefit from nutrients derived from plant material. Dogs in the wild primarily survive by hunting and consuming prey, and also consume vegetation as natural scavengers. Read more here...

What's Wrong with Dry Dog Food? Dry Food Upside Down in Nutrient Profile

Many dry foods are formulated with low animal protein and a high concentration of carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, the result of feeding a diet that falls outside the realm of natural prey and wild feeding guidelines potentially leads to protein starvation, malnutrition, a suppressed immune system, eventual obesity, diabetes, or other degenerative disease or illness.

A high carbohydrate diet has also been said to have a negative impact on blood sugar levels, glucose levels, pancreas performance, general organ function, and digestive health.

A Dog's Natural Food

We have developed our food with a nutrient profile that mimics the natural known evolutionary requirements for cats and dogs. When you provide pets with a diet that closely resembles survivability diet in the wild, you provide a diet that is:

Customer Dog Food Reviews

I rarely review anything but felt this product worthy. I truly believe I have the pickiest dog around. The first four months of our relationship were rife with anxiety over what was considered an acceptable meal-time offering.

We went through a minimum of five different brands and types of food ranging from raw elk to home cooked meals including eggs, yogurt, meat, etc. to Wal-Mart's finest before finally "accepting" (with much angst and pathetic behavior) dehydrated chicken. We had come to an empass....and food was consumed as a means to an end, not a pleasure.

Enter Tiki Dog Kauai Chicken. As soon as I opened the first can, the atmosphere in the room changed. My dog transformed from pathetic wretch to hyper, squirming bundle of enthusiasm. Our lives have not been the same. What was a dreaded event (on both our parts) is now an anticipated treat (on both our parts!). He runs to his food bowl and literally hops in place until I finish putting in the food. There is a brief exchange of looks, which I like to think are full of love and adoration, then the fest begins. This is a twice a day occurrance and it does my heart good.

Thanks to Tiki Dog, I feel I am able to, in all aspects, bring as much pleasure to his life as he brings to mine! I love this product!!!
- Erin K

My Oso was found under a stationary car when he was 7 weeks old, and has been mine since. Or to whom I've belonged since. He's a strikingly beautiful tri-color dog who has barely ever been sick, and he certainly never had anything to complain about, ever. His life has been very, very good. I always say I don't know who's more lucky, but I think it's me.

We moved to where we're living now in late April. Oso was 10 1/2. The new house has more stairs than the old one and a yard with thorns (blackberries and roses), and it got very hot this summer. I don't know what got him sick, but a convergence of events caused diarrhea and limping due to hip AND paw discomfort, total loss of appetite and thirst, lots of paw licking and smelly paws. In a rapid, precipitous decline, he lost 15 lbs in two months, and hasn't been doing well at all since. Four years ago a vet told me Oso needed to lose 10 lbs, and last year another vet told me the same thing, so when he started losing weight, I wasn't alarmed. But suddenly he was limping and very thin, and I was alarmed.

I took him to a local vet near our new home. The vet, a substitute for a well regarded local vet I thought I was taking him to, told me he's dying: take him home and make him comfortable. He said it was some big internal issue, maybe diabetes, maybe a deep cancer. My finances were still deeply affected by the crash and I could barely afford the vet, let alone tests. A month later after doing acupuncture on him and giving him herbs, he'd had improvement but not enough for me. I took him back to that clinic and we saw the well regarded one I thought I was taking him to the first time. He said there was a bacterial infection inside his paw pads. Since then he's been eating but not always well, and every once in a while will skip food for a day. He lost another five pounds in the last two months. He won't eat dry dog foods and though he would eat a really fresh, high quality red meat and quinoa mixture I was making him, he stopped that too a few days ago.

As you may be able to imagine, I have been beside myself. This week I got so sick from the thought of letting my dog go that I haven't been able to eat much since Monday either.

And he smells! He never smelled before, except like the woods. He always smelled delicious, like nature. Since july or August, his paws have smelled terrible, and he's been licking them, almost non-stop.

So I had to get the really bad smelling Oso to the dog bath, and today was the day. Pet Food Express, in Benicia. The day staff there has been very kind and compassionate and supportive in this odyssey of mine and my gorgeous Oso.

After his bath, I mused out loud to one of them, "What about CANNED food?" Oso's never had canned dog food, but he stopped, fascinated, to smell a flattened can of Alpo on the curb years ago, and I wondered: How could he know it was dog food?

So two of the staffers at the Pet Food Express looked through the cans and one decided on two Tiki cans, small ones. She zeroed them out for me and I opened one for Oso. He perked up. I was floored. It looked better than anything canned I'd ever seen, for humans or animals. I scooped it out with the bent lid and into my hand, and fed it to him. He ate almost every last morsel, picking out the sweet potatoes (I recommend you change the type of sweet potato you use; there are some really, really good ones out there). I bought four and a couple of other brands, just to try.

While we were waiting for our ride, I opened one of the large Tiki cans, spooning it out on the sidewalk (still had no plate or spoons...). He ate almost all of it. Now remember he hasn't eaten much in months, so he can't eat a lot at once. But when we got home, he ate half of another can.

And right now he's sleeping really well. Clearly he's feeling better. And maybe his paws will stop bothering him, as maybe they're part of some allergic or immune reaction that will change with your high quality food. Sometimes that happens with higher quality food. I always thought I was giving him high quality food, but apparently it wasn't as high quaiity as I thought.

So thank you so much. I was really floored when I opened that first can. Floored. Better than any canned food I've ever seen. And I hate canned foods. They completely gross me out. Thank you again. :-)
- Julie R

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