Tiki Dog Gourmet Whole Food Brand Dog Food Hilo Luau is shredded ahi tuna on brown rice topped with carrots, prawns, egg, garlic and kale prepared in ahi tuna consommé for a low grain, gravy free, one percent carb meal. Complete and balanced diet for all life stages, feeding 2% of body weight per day to maintain weight. Great to feed solely or to supplement a dry food diet by adding the missing moisture and boosting the necessary protein and fat levels missing from kibble.

Ingredients: Tuna, Brown Rice, Carrot, Prawn, Egg, Tuna broth, Garlic, Kale, Sunflower seed oil, Fish oil. Show Vitamins & Minerals

Calorie Content:
Calories: kcal/100g
Calories from fat: kcal/100g
Calories per 14.1 ounce can: g/can

Gravy Free
Low Grain
Omega Rich
Allergen Free
Guaranteed Analysis:

Product Features:

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PetFoodDirect Reviews

Another winner from Tiki! - 5/16/2011
About: Tiki Dog Hilo Luau Ahi Tuna on Brown Rice with Tiger Prawns Canned Dog Food

Joey, our mini poodle loves this food. He does not do well with any food with grains or potatoes in it so this works great. I feel bad for the lady who said her dobermans got sick from this food. I do know that because of the high protein level in the Tiki foods, if your dog hasn't been on a food with that level you can have that reaction unless you transition them. Anyway, Joey loves it.
- mabel7 - Maple Heights, OH

About: Tiki Dog Hilo Luau Ahi Tuna on Brown Rice with Tiger Prawns Canned Dog Food

Thought it would help my Dobermans if I feed them this food. Unfortunately, they got sick (left a big mess all around the house) and the purchase had to be returned. Strongly recommend that you test the product out, before buying in bulk. My dogs did not have this reaction to other "organic" or "grain-free" products purchased from this website.
- DobermanOwner - Boca Raton, Florida
Note from Petropics: Petropics Gourmet Whole Foods contain the highest level of whole meat protein on the market today. We are infamous for successfully feeding dogs without mishap and clean stools (sorry) without a transition period, however dogs, like people, have unique digestive systems and diet histories that can yield different results. For the sake of your fur kids it’s always recommended to start off slow, especially if your dog is typically fed a dry only diet or a lower protein and fat level diet than Tiki Dog Gourmet Whole Food Brand Dog Food. We also recommend you monitor the initial feedings to ensure your pooch is prevented from consuming our foods too rapidly, swallowing large amounts of air which can result in vomiting. Our foods tend to evoke a considerable level of excitement from your pet including reports of new Tiki dances and Dog Bowl Tossing routines never seen before.

This stuff is great! - 4/21/2011
About: Tiki Dog Hilo Luau Ahi Tuna on Brown Rice with Tiger Prawns Canned Dog Food

Lately I have become very concerned about the health and nutrition of my dogs & cats. After some research, I found that this pet food is at the top of everyone's list. I purchased both the Tiki Dog & Tiki Cat foods and they all LOVE it. This is the only dog food that even resembles the real food. And they all LOVE the Hilo Luau Ahi Tuna the best!!
- Mrs_C - Atlanta, GA

Hilo dog foods are terrific! - 4/21/2011
About: Tiki Dog Hilo Luau Ahi Tuna on Brown Rice with Tiger Prawns Canned Dog Food

Hilo uses a human-grade products. My standard poodles love it and even better, digest it. Love the little shrimps!
- Lindag - Potomac, MD

Paws Choice Reviews

It's the best....Annie loves it... - 3/22/2009
About: Tiki Dog Hilo Luau Ahi Tuna on Brown Rice with Prawns Canned Dog Food

My beagle started walking away from her raw diet. She started showing an interest in eating dirt/mud and cat manure. My pet store owner intro'd me to Tiki Dog and I thought I'd try it. My little beagle licked the bowl clean. It's a little high dollar per can so I usually add some fresh steamed veggies, some yam and she still loves it and it makes it go further. All that I add is organic. You'll be amazed when you open the can, it's all real food....looks like it and smells like it. Your dog will thank you!
- Annie's mama.... from Oakland, Ca

Premium Dog Food

Tiki Dog Hilo Luau Canned Dog Food is a premium dog food made with real Ahi Tuna along with wholesome brown rice and tasty prawns. All Tiki Dog products are premium products and are manufactured in a human-grade factory. They are made with whole meat from preferred, premium portions of seafood that are left whole and intact verses traditional meatloaf or other mystery meat pates. All Tiki Dog food formulas are appropriate for all life stages feed. Your dog will LOVE this food!

Join the whole food revolution with Tiki Dog Brand Hilo Luau Canned Dog Food. Each Tiki Dog premium formula is developed with a nutrient profile that mimics the natural known evolutionary requirements for dogs to provide your pet with a diet that closely resembles survivability diet in the wild. What your dog gets, with this premium dog food, is a more nutritionally absorbent and more easily digestible meal.

Tiki Cat Food and Tiki Dog Food are registered with the International Dolphin Conservation Program (IATTC), which sends a conservationist inspector on the vessels to ensure appropriate procedures are met to maintain this status. The US government does not regulate the use of the "Dolphin Safe" logo making it difficult to know who is acting responsibly and truly "Dolphin Safe".

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